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Are you tired of waiting days, or even weeks for your detainer action to be filed? Are you sick of dealing with attorneys who talk down to you or always pawn you off on an office assistant? Have you had it with being nickeled and dimed by your eviction lawyer?

At The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy, we understand you want affordable, friendly service and a quick resolution to your landlord tenant issue. We file your detainer the very same day we receive the file, and when you call our office, you get to speak with the attorney directly. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and lightening fast turnaround times. Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your landlord tenant needs!

Consumer Debt Collection

We perform consumer collections in a diplomatic, yet effective manner. Our policy is to collect in a timely fashion using diplomacy, assertiveness, and persistence to motivate individuals to honor the obligations owed to our clients. Our services are custom-designed to meet each client's unique needs and business goals.

  • We gain a complete understanding of Client collection needs, business philosophy, and expectations
  • We communicate and train our staff to meet our Client's needs and expectations
  • We utilize the latest technologies to increase returns
  • We employ accurate and responsive credit reporting, comprehensive skip tracing, and account scoring to ensure optimal results

Commercial Debt Collection

Don't let bad debt be a burden on your business! If another business owes you money, The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy will help you collect. Our collection strategies vary depending on the company that owes you money. We are often successful in collecting commercial debts by sending demand letters and conducting targeted telephone campaigns. However, if informal methods of collection are not successful, we have several tools at our disposal to help collect the money you are owed.

Asset & Liability Investigation. The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy provides an in-depth look into your debtor's business that may uncover valuable information used to perform successful business debt recovery. Information such as open lines of credit, insufficient funds, liens, judgments, other vendors' experience, hidden assets, or plans to sell can help determine how to proceed with the collection process. With this information, our debt collection staff can strategically make demands for payment, increasing the probability of successful business debt collection.

Litigation. The information gathered will give The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy insight into the cost effectiveness of moving forward through the courts. In addition, it may provide information to pierce the corporate veil of ownership to decipher which assets are available when and if a judgment is rendered by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Medical Debt Collection

Recover past due medical accounts without damaging your reputation, losing your patients, or destroying your profit margin. The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy's medical collection service will help you reduce write-offs and keep your patients coming back to you for care. If your practice is sending out multiple patient invoices month after month after month, the time might be right to use the services or our experienced collection team.

Our medical collection service can motivate delinquent patients to pay you for the medical services you provided to them. Using our medical collection service lets your patients know you are determined to get paid what you are legally and ethically owed. Our persistent collection efforts can make the difference between just scraping by, and practicing comfortably.

Effective medical collections can also help pay for the burgeoning costs of medical malpractice insurance. Recovering the money you are owed will improve your cash flow and help fund expensive malpractice premiums and other medical liability costs. Let us manage your collections process so that you may concentrate on what you do best - provide healing care.

Judgment Collection

A judgment is just a piece of paper until you collect it! If you won a judgment in court , but have not yet collected the money you are owed, we can help! At the Law Office of Jennifer McCoy, we are passionate about helping our clients collect what they are due, and will diligently and effectively pursue your debtor to discover assets and obtain your payment.

We will assess whether your debt is collectible, determine how much can be collected, and focus on collecting it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Contact us today to see if we can help! We handle judgment collection on either an hourly or contingent-fee basis.

If someone owes you money, don't just keep hoping they'll get around to paying you. Contact us today to help collect your judgment!