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The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy

Utilizing a sophisticated combination of domain expertise, back office automation, business analytics, and customer relationship management, The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy, P.C. delivers the highest level of collection success for each respective client. We pride ourselves not only on this distinctive approach, but also on how we treat our client’s debtors. To align compensation with our core beliefs, our collectors are not on a commission based compensation plan and never will be. Sacrificing integrity undermines long-term results and we will not fall victim to such myopic thinking.

At The Law Office of Jennifer McCoy, we’re passionate about helping our clients collect the money they are owed in timely fashion. Our mission is to consistently deliver the highest level of customer service and measurable collection results all while maintaining respect for the debtor. Our collection strategies are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ particular needs. We emphasize frequent client updates and pride ourselves on our attentive and personal approach.

We welcome the opportunity to help you collect the money you are owed. Please contact us today to arrange a free consultation to learn how we may be of service!